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About me.
Web design is my passion as well as photography – great tasting coffee – and the outdoors. If you are like me – one who is an open-minded free thinking person, you might be looking for a bit more adventure than living in a neighborhood in a little town or big city. I am not knocking that lifestyle – that is fine if that is what you want, but if your inner being is starving to see things and people, live in other places, enjoy the outdoors, or just something different. Freedom to get up and leave weird neighbors who live in those small towns and big cities. Freedom to meet new creative, open-minded, free thinking people. Now I get up and drive my home to a place that creates the physical and mental place that deletes the negativity. Change keeps you younger in mind and spirit. Plus you can do this to fit your own budget. You can work along the way and use it to promote your lifestyle or volunteer as campground hosts, or if you have a talent you can use to help bring in a bit of extra income.portraits of gary ramsey

Along the way I fell in love with roasting coffee beans to save money. I get green beans for about 6.50 per lb. I roast the beans in a Gene Cafe bean roaster. This method makes the best tasting coffee I have ever had. I used to buy my already roasted beans from artesian coffee roasters from all over the country. That gets very expensive when you consider paying about $20.00 per lb for the really good coffee. By roasting my own beans I not only save lots of money but also have the best tasting coffee you can find anywhere. Every time I give people I meet a cup of my coffee they want more. I started selling small micro lot artisanal roasts. I can roast and mail fresh coffee from anywhere I am at in my travels. That way my customers don’t have to worry about getting the best tasting coffee they have ever had. My fresh roasted beans come from all over the world. I buy small lots looking for the best roasts that will give me rich, deep flavors. I charge $12.00 per lb plus shipping. A very, very good price for fine quality great tasting beans.

I started this adventure for two reasons. #1 is I my freedom and love of the outdoors and #2 is money. I knew I would have to downsize to fit my budget and I have done that. It has been a learning curve for sure. In learning about this type of Bohemian lifestyle there is a lot to share and I want to share it with you. Enjoy this site and hopefully it will fill some part of your being or at the least get you motivated to get out and do something that you may have wanted to do all your life. let me know what you think or if you have any questions send me an e-mail.

I am a photographer and website designer. I work from almost anywhere I can get a hot spot on my smartphone, which is a lot of places.

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