Roasting coffee beans on the road.

Here is another way to save money – a lot of money. When you add it up, lets say 1 lb of coffee beans from the store is about $14.00 and in a coffee house from $12.00 to $20.00 per lb. Crazy amounts of money to spend on a great tasting healthy liquid. How much do you spend on coffee per month. I would say $20.00 to $30.00 per month. I grind my own beans for the absolute best flavors I can get. Why else drink it. You shouldn’t be paying money to drink crap. Did you know that you can buy green beans for about $6.00 per lb?

First you go to a thrift store and see if you can score a cheap popcorn popper for about $5.00. The popper must be of the swirly sides kind. Not the ones that have a screen on the bottom. If you can’t find one that way you can go to and see if there are any or buy one at Sweet Maria’s home roasting website. Here you can buy the popper and the green beans in one place. A cheap and easy way to get started.

I roast in the popcorn popper and get fantastic results. Beautiful flavors and it takes very little time. A real pleasure to make my own coffee and when I make a nice cup for people I meet on my travels it just blows their mind on how great a cup of joe could taste. Again life is to short not to have a few pleasures. Give it a whirl.Guatamala Acatenango Finca