Three ways to make great tasting coffee.

Three ways to make great tasting coffee when traveling, camping or anywhere.

Better living small. Do you love a good cup of joe? Are you tired of getting up to face your coffee maker? A lot of people seem to have the automatic type coffee maker which produces horrible coffee.

When you get to the point that you just can’t take crappy coffee anymore – these tips about  choosing the right equipment for wonderful coffee will cure and improve your attitude and your taste, which in the long run makes you happy and a better person.

Here are my three favorite coffee makers/brewers. They are all fantastic.

1. Aeropress: One of my most favorite ways to make any coffee anytime anywhere. This is great to take on camping trips too. Check out this video I made on how to make a cup of joe.

Aeropress Coffee Maker

Aeropress Coffee Maker

2. Moka Pot: I have two moka pots – Aluminum and Stainless Steel. I prefer the Stainless Steel because it is easier to clean and doesn’t pose the possible health risks that Aluminum purportedly has. I personally use a Bialetti Venus Stainless Steel 6 cup moka pot and find it takes a bit more practice to extract a good cup of joe but when you get the process down it is almost like the Aeropress in flavors and taste. Check out my video here –

Now when I say it takes practice, I mean a little effort not a lot of work to get a great cup.

Bialetti Venus

Bialetti Venus

3. French Press: Another classic way to make a great tasting cup. I tend you go back and forth between all three because they all taste wonderful and all three methods are downright easy.

I made my purchases online at You can also click on my ads and that will get you there too. I would start off by picking one unit and play with it. There are a lot of great videos that teach you how to make great coffee. The Aeropress is a world wide phenomena because it makes such great tasting coffee and is easy to use and clean-up is super simple. You could be surprised to find one of these types in stores too. Like Bed, Bath, and Beyond. They carry Aeropress, Moka pots, and French press so go and get one. 

Buy Fresh Beans. Roasted coffee beans oxidize with exposure to oxygen fairly fast. Most folks just buy ground coffee beans at the store. Next time when in the store try to find a date on the coffee bean bag. Good luck. You don’t have a clue how old the beans are. Are they fresh? Probably not. You can order online for fresh coffee if you don’t have a local coffee house. Plus you can simply do yourself a favor and buy a burr grinder. I know it is expensive (around $100.00) and up – but once you bite the bullet and do it you will now be making coffee as good as those expensive cups of coffee at the greatest coffee houses. People will search you out for a great cup of coffee. By doing these things, you will be saving a ton of money by not going to the expensive coffee houses. If you go to a coffee house you could get a large latte and a pastry and that could set you back about $8.00 or more. So, you can see that it would not take long to pay for that burr grinder and beautiful coffee maker.

10 days is about how long you can expect your fresh roasted coffee beans to stay fresh. After that it goes downhill pretty fast. You want fresh beans, so you want to make sure to keep them away from oxygen, moisture, heat and light. A canning jar is a good cheap way to go. You can get those in Walmart. The art and craft supplies area has them. Or there are coffee beans holders that work great. They are expensive but worth it. figure about $25.00.

Coffee Beans not roasted correctly: Do you know how your coffee beans were roasted. That has a lot to do with flavors. That could also be what is making your coffee taste bad. Some of the really big producers of coffee have been blasted for putting filler in their coffee.

Is your equipment clean or dirty? Have you cleaned your coffee pot equipment lately. A dirty unit will make really bad coffee. That is a problem with many people. Make sure you know how to clean your unit that you love so much. I always clean with water only. 

Leaving your just made coffee to sit and get cold does not make a good cup of coffee. You should only make as much as you need for your cup. If you want a fabulous tasting coffee you want to drink it freshly brewed.

The water is not great.  This is another area that gets missed. Good water is very important if you like the taste of great coffee. Why spend the money on coffee if it does not taste great.  One thing we all know that a lot of municipal water is the culprit. If water tastes too chlorinated on its own, it’s not going to do good things for your cup of coffee. I use bottled or filtered water. Very easy to do if you like good coffee.

These tips are good ways to get a great tasting cup time after time. Fresh beans, water, and a brewing method to produce a cup of joe will make you a very, very happy person. And you will meet more people too. I can’t count the people I have met on my travels that I have made coffee for and It always blows their minds. I educate and let them decide and boy do they decide. They love it. There really is no room in life for bad coffee. And remember to make only what you intend to drink at that moment, and then you can just make more fresh coffee when you are ready. This effort brings you back to taking a little time to enjoy the simple things in life. When you taste a really good cup of coffee it makes life beautiful all over.

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