Zion Canyon Brewing. You might want to go elsewhere.

Zion Canyon Brewing. You might want to go elsewhere. - I just stopped at this place to give it a try. I did notice that there were a number of negative comments about this place on Yelp. I still like to go and find out if they are right or is there anything good about the place. First off the beers are 3.2 to 4.0 %. I thought that was a joke. No sir he said. That is pretty childish! Strike one. One would have to drive to Moab, UT to get a good micro brew, or all the way to Salt Lake City area. Wow, pretty staggering. So I ordered a house red wine. $7.00 a $4.00 house red at best. All I can say is it was mediocre. Food was lets just say not worth stopping in for. Twice the price you should pay. The server looked like he was straining to be nice. I understand you are in a tourist area and food will be more expensive. But if the food taste does not match the price it is pretty much a joke. And baby this was a joke. I should have gone to The Spotted Dog Cafe. I know their food is good. There are a few other places in Springdale that have pretty good food. I would suggest you do your home work before you go to one though. Do yourselves a favor and go somewhere else. Overall my impression is I will not go back.

Crapy little restaurant.

Not a place I would go back to.

I would make a suggestion to those who are looking for a good place to spend the kind of money charged in this town. Take heed to those one, two, or three stars. They did not get there as a joke.