welcomoe to Telluride

The trip to Telluride, Colorado

September 28, 2016 admin 0

The trip to Telluride, Colorado. Mesa Verde National Park. My friend Brent pulled up last night on his Harley with camping gear and all. Brent is a coffee roaster/barista at Moab Coffee Roasters in Moab, UT. We relaxed that evening at the campsite in Mesa Verde National Park. The trip to Telluride the next day was a fun fantastic trip after I made really delicious Aeropress coffee using Guatemalan beans. We both really enjoyed Telluride, Co. because of the attitude of the people. We found the town open-minded, and liberal. Very dog oriented as well. The locals were very nice and friendly. Altitude is somewhere around 8500 feet. We ate at a little old Victorian house called The Corner House Grille. We heard the fish and […]

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French roast blend

Making Aeropress Coffee

September 15, 2016 admin 0

    Making Aeropress Coffee. If you like a great tasting cup of coffee then this is the tool to do it. When I discovered the Aeropress coffee maker I couldn’t believe it. I love French Press, Moka Pot as well, but the Aeropress tops them all. Rich and full of flavors that your taste buds will love. I made this to help you get started. It is pretty much an experiment and a fun one at that to find that sweet spot that your tastes prefer.    

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