Overlooking Kingman at sunset.

Route 66, in Kingman

December 7, 2016 admin 0

    Driving interstae 40 heading back to Kingman from Lake Havasu City, we took the 44 exit and drove the old Route 66 Highway to Downtown Kingman, AZ. What a great drive. If you are a train enthusiast this is perfect for capturing some images of trains.  There are a couple of local roads you can take to get a closer view of the trains. There are over 100 trains a day through Kingman and this area provides some great photo ideas. There are tremendous geological rock formations on this section of the Route 66 Highway. I stopped and took these images with my LG Stylo 2v phone. Beautiful images and quality. After the driving that great section of Route 66 we stopped in […]

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