Fresh roasted coffee.


25 lbs of beans

Fresh roasted coffee. You can’t beat fresh roast small micro lot coffee.  Green beans come from all over the coffee growing regions of the world. Roasting small lots of green beans allows the ability to order different varieties from around the globe.

As I continue to grow in learning about coffee, one thing that amazed me was that I really did not know what good fresh roasted coffee tasted like. The flavors just did not exist at the coffee houses that I have been used to. As I discovered more coffee houses in my travels, there were those who really knew their craft.Wow, holy shit delicious is what I learned. A friend of mine in Moab, UT is the person I credit for getting me involved in roasting coffee beans. Fresh roasted beans that have rested about 3 days after roasting is where you start brewing. That is when the flavors start to come alive.

When you shop for coffee in a store of coffee house you will notice most have no roasting date. Fresh beans are good for the best coffee for about 10 days. After two weeks the best flavors are pretty much not going to happen.

If you are reading this you must already love coffee and the wonderful flavors a good cup will produce. With that in mind you might want to check out the Aeropress coffee brewer. Cheap for $27.00. Your mind will be blown when you taste what can come out of the Aeropress.

I have now been roasting coffee beans for about 3 years using the Gene Cafe roaster. So far so good roasting. I have roasted hundreds of times with this machine and it is great. (A finely tuned machine! A political comment.)

Fabulous roasted beans.

French roast blend
French roast blend with the Aeropress
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