Pipe Spring National Monument

Pipe Spring – Water. A very powerful force for humans. Pipe Spring has drawn a succession of peoples on their journey or settlements. The Arizona strip is where it is located. The Arizona strip is located at the foot of the Vermilion Cliffs, and is famous throughout southern Utah as a watering place. The fort and outbuildings were built by the Mormons who needed food and water. They arrived in the mid 1800’s. The Mormons built the fort called the Winsor Castle. By the time the fort was finished the wars with indians were over. It is a must see place to get the feel of what it was like to live in those harsh conditions. All shot with the Sony NEX 5n camera.

I left Pipe Spring and headed to Fredonia, AZ. If you need beer this is the place. The Sinclair gas station is a great place to get your beer. They carry Arogant Bastard Ale plus much more. Then on to Kanab and Escobar’s for lunch. Good food. Laid Back Larry’s is another good stop. And the famous Parry Lodge where all the actors of the 40’s, 50’s beyond stayed while filming all those old westerns.

pipe spring

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  1. We agree Gary. Pipe Spring is a great stop for history on the Arizona Strip. We visited there in March of this year and in the Spring of 2011. There is a great place to camp on the rez 1/4 mile up the access road. Did you camp in the area? We are off to Salt Creek County Park 15 miles west of Port Angeles, WA on Sunday the 3rd of June. Four couples, lots of stories, a few lies. Life is good, very very good.

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