Places to visit in Utah but don’t live there.

Winter in Zion.
Winter in Zion.

Places to visit in Utah but don’t live there. Utah has some great places to check out. Like this little town for example. This was a cool little town at the bottom of Brian Head mountain. Good to enjoy but you don’t want to live there unless you are as insane as these people. Freaks created by religion and politics. Wow. Just so you know what you are meeting when you go to these little places. Locals won’t tell you this but they really do hate you tourists. But they love your money. Ha, ha, ha. Great geology though.


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  1. Ugly generalizations about people in Utah — I hope they read your blog and give you a piece of their freakish minds next time they see you snapping photos of their houses and streets. I saw you once by the way in Panguitch. Almost came up and introduced myself as a reader, but now I’m glad I didn’t.

  2. You’re right Utah is full of “freaks”. Also the scenery is terrible. Moab, Zion, Bryce Canyon etc. Just awful. Please kindly never visit again.

    • To bad you hate the scenery. That is fantastic. Most people go there for that alone. I lived there to long to hear the mormon mantra. They smile at you taking your money and put up with it for the money. I could go on and on but I am just saying the scenery is great. I did however meet a lot of great people, gays, LBGTQ folks, and lots of open minded free thinking people in the cool places, like Moab, Springdale (Zion National Park). What does one expect from the folks that voted for the orange man.

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