The trip to Telluride, Colorado

welcomoe to Telluride
welcomoe to Telluride

The trip to Telluride, Colorado.

Mesa Verde National Park.

My friend Brent pulled up last night on his Harley with camping gear and all. Brent is a coffee roaster/barista at Moab Coffee Roasters in Moab, UT. We relaxed that evening at the campsite in Mesa Verde National Park.Brent in Moab

The trip to Telluride the next day was a fun fantastic trip after I made really delicious Aeropress coffee using Guatemalan beans. We both really enjoyed Telluride, Co. because of the attitude of the people. We found the town open-minded, and liberal. Very dog oriented as well. The locals were very nice and friendly. Altitude is somewhere around 8500 feet. We ate at a little old Victorian house called The Corner House Grille. We heard the fish and chips were great. Brent ordered fish and chips and I love a good fish taco so I ordered two fish tacos. Both were great. We walked the town, stopped at this cool coffee cart/trailer conversion. I ordered an Espresso double. Yikes it tasted bitter lacked any real depth of flavor. She said she made the best in town. (Her father was probably a marketing C.E.O. marketing bullshit as marketing people tend to do). Well what she said and what we tasted were 180 degrees off.

Suffice it to say we had a great time. The images below will give you a small taste of what we saw. This is my kind of town. A great place to visit. For me it is meeting people and hanging out at some great fun places in town. Plus I would imagine the cost of living is outrageous.

Those that may be interested – there are four cannabis stores in town.

Images shot with Sony Nex-5n.

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